Responsibilities: Secondary care

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Responsibilities of the secondary care clinician (consultant or specialist nurse)

  1. To discuss the benefits and side effects of treatment with the patient/carer under shared-decision making principles.
  2. To undertake the necessary baseline assessments and monitoring prior to treatment initiation.
  3. To initiate and optimise the NCL preferred choice of cost-effective GnRH analogue injections in appropriate patients with prostate cancer, including prescription and administration of the first dose.
  4. To monitor the patient’s response to treatment.
  5. Once the patient is stable, to ensure that a clear and comprehensive treatment summary or clinic letter, which includes direct contact details, is sent within five working days to the GP to request the continued prescribing and administration of the GnRH analogue injection in primary care. A copy of the NCL Fact Sheet for GnRH analogue injections for prostate cancer will also be provided.  
  6. To ensure a copy of the clinic letter or treatment summary is provided to the patient.
  7. To stress to the patient the need for injections to be administered within a week of the due date and make them aware that they need to take responsibility for booking and attending ongoing appointments for administration of their GnRH analogue injection in primary care. 
  8. To undertake regular monitoring and review of the patient (via routine clinic follow up as per treatment pathway and clinically indicated) and to ensure that the GP is sent any updates on changes to clinical treatment and/or a copy of the patient’s regular/annual review.
  9. To discuss any concerns regarding the patient’s treatment with the GP.
  10. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, to provide emergency support to a GP practice for the administration of GnRH analogue injection where the GP practice is unable to provide administration within one week of the injection due date (eg due to unexpected absence of trained practice staff).