eConsult and the flu jab campaign

eConsult and the flu jab campaign

Primary care is the frontline in patient care over the winter months, and this year it is even more important than normal to encourage your patients to get themselves vaccinated against influenza. 

The eConsult team has prepared 

  • a social media template for your Facebook or Nextdoor accounts
  • a scripted text message 

to encourage your patients who are eligible for a free flu jab to contact you to book an appointment using the admin template in eConsult and directing other patients to their local pharmacies for the jab.

Finally, please encourage staff to continue to share their feedback in using the eConsult as we will use it to continually improve our online consultation services.  

The eConsult team wants to hear from you

If you have any suggestions or comments about using eConsult, please contact

For any technical questions related to eConsult, please contact Rosa Allodi, your eConsult operations executive


Flu jab: Social media template/scripted text message

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