eConsult EMIS Integration Update

eConsult EMIS Integration Update

Following the recent communication sent out to boroughs from eConsult about EMIS integration, we would like to provide some further clarification. 

As part of our ongoing ambition for continuing improvement in online consultation services across NCL, we are pleased to announce that eConsult has made the first steps into better integration with EMIS. 

It is important to reaffirm that it is up to each practice to decide to undergo EMIS integration or continue receiving eConsults via email. Second, it is important to clarify that there are three different options for practices to choose from to determine how they receive their eConsults:

  • via NHS email (the format used to date)
  • direct into EMIS
  • direct into Docman.

It is up to each practice to choose the option that works best with their practice workflow. 

For those practices who wish to know more or are considering trialling the eConsult EMIS integration, here are some further details.

What is the new EMIS interop process? 

This is a new version of interop between eConsult and EMIS, based on MESH standards (Message Exchange for Social Care and Health) for delivering documents into clinical systems.

How does this work?

With EMIS interop, submitted eConsults will be directly and automatically delivered into the Document Management folder within Workflow. Where possible, EMIS will try to match patients as follows:

  • If the demographic data in the eConsult matches a patient at the selected practice, the eConsult will be delivered to one of the Awaiting Filing or Awaiting Coding folders*
  • If the demographic data does not match a patient at the selected practice, the eConsult will be delivered to the Unmatched folder
  • If, for whatever reason, the eConsult cannot be delivered via MESH, it will failover to email and be delivered via secure NHS email. Please note that if an eConsult contains more than four photos, it cannot (as yet) be delivered via MESH. In this instance it will failover and be delivered via secure NHS email. It is important that practices continue to monitor their mailbox for eConsults and we are working to better understand why this happens with a view to solving the problem.

*Depending on the EMIS configuration (see Inbound Document Tasks in EMIS)

Practice staff will be required to triage the incoming eConsults from Document Management in the usual way. Please watch the video below (scroll down) for a live demonstration. 

How are eConsults viewed and filed?

All eConsults delivered to EMIS will be named Clinical Document by default. To view any eConsults within a Document Management folder, first select the document and then click the Document tab to view it in detail. 

When filing the eConsult into patient records, we recommend labelling them all with the same SNOMED code (for future search and monitoring purposes), then detailing the document title and the source.

What are the benefits of integration?

  • eConsults will deliver directly into EMIS Document Management
  • EMIS will attempt to match eConsults with known patients
  • All links in the eConsult are now clickable/work (no need to use PCM PIN)
  • Images are of a higher resolution
  • Text in the eConsult can be selected and copied

Important tips for practices that choose EMIS interop

EConsults arriving direct into EMIS come into the same workflow as other clinical documents (e.g. 111 reports) and it may be difficult to differentiate between these documents. This may make clinical document workflow more challenging for some practices.

It not possible to have an eConsult document open and to concurrently move around the rest of the EMIS patient record. This may make consulting with patients who have sent an eConsult more difficult.

It is possible for a member of practice staff to 'reject' a document from EMIS. If they do this, the eConsult will be deleted and will NOT be recoverable. Inappropriately rejected eConsults may present a clinical or administrate risk. However, in order to reject an eConsult, the user must also confirm this rejection, so this is not a one-click operation.

What do you need to do if you wish to trial EMIS integration?

It is up to each practice to decide to undergo EMIS integration or to continue receiving eConsults via email. In order to facilitate the EMIS integration for your practice via MESH ID configuration, contact Rosa Allodi, your eConsult operations executive

The eConsult team will manage the process for you and let you know once the systems have been successfully integrated. This process will run smoothly in the background and will not interrupt normal clinical work.

For practices that decide to undergo this integration, please ensure practice staff are aware of the upcoming workflow change and are notified once integration is complete.  Please encourage staff to share their feedback in using the updated system as we will use it to continually improve our online consultation services.  


The eConsult team wants to hear from you

If you have any suggestions or comments about using eConsult, please contact

For any technical questions related to eConsult, please contact Rosa Allodi, your eConsult operations executive