eConsult: Introducing eConsult Lite

What is eConsult Lite?

It is a short version of the eConsult templates that a receptionist or admin team member can take a patient through over the telephone. This is especially useful for patients who are unable to use eConsult for whatever reason.

How can I get eConsult Lite?

eConsult Lite template is available for free to all practices who are currently using eConsult. If you would like to enable it at your practice, please download templates by clicking this link (password: econsultlogin).

How does eConsult Lite work?

The staff member simply asks the patient the four questions contained in the template. All free text with additional tick box options. They then save this to the patient records and then add the patient to the usual telephone triage list.

The clinical team, having selected the patient from the appointment screen will then see all of this collected information. 

This is a lot more than would normally be entered into a patient appointment note.

Finally, please encourage staff to continue to share their feedback in using the eConsult as we will use it to continually improve our online consultation services.  

The eConsult team wants to hear from you

If you have any suggestions or comments about using eConsult, please contact

For any technical questions related to eConsult, please contact Rosa Allodi, your eConsult operations executive