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Three-day Admin eConsult Response Times Introduced

In the NCL-wide survey the eConsult team recently undertook, more time to respond to non-clinical eConsults was one of the most requested asks from GPs. In line with this, and to help mitigate high demand as we move into the winter months and the second wave of Covid-19, from 27 November, all administrative eConsults will now have a three working day response by default. 

What do these changes mean for you and your practice?

All eConsults will still need an initial review as they arrive. You cannot leave admin eConsults unread for three days. This change simply allows you more time to respond to the request.

For example, letting your patient know within three days that you are ‘now reviewing their eConsult’, or that you ‘will send their sick note next week’ is a response, and then the request can be resolved based on practice workflow. Clinical eConsults response times will remain as currently set for your practice.

What are the benefits?

  • More time to resolve a patient admin request
  • Improved workflow planning and management

What do you need to do?

The eConsult team will update the system automatically by 27 November. This process will be run smoothly in the background and will not interrupt normal clinical work. Patients will, from the 27 November, be informed that the response time to their admin eConsult is up to three working days once an eConsult is submitted.

Please ensure practice staff are aware of this upcoming workflow change and are reminded about this upcoming workflow change on the 27 November. Alternatively, if your practice does not want this change and wants to stick to the current response time, please email Rosa Allodi, your operations executive at eConsult.

Finally, please encourage staff to continue to share their feedback in using the eConsult as we will use it to continually improve our online consultation services.  

The eConsult team wants to hear from you

If you have any suggestions or comments about using eConsult, please contact

For any technical questions related to eConsult, please contact Rosa Allodi, your eConsult operations executive