Understanding the eConsult system and being confident in using it will give your patients confidence to use the system too.


EConsult training shouldn't just happen at the initial system roll-out. There will always be the need for refreshers or new feature updates, so it's a good idea to include eConsult in the induction training for new starters at your surgery.

Three top tips:

  • Get all staff members in the clinical and admin teams to do the online training (you need your eConsult website login for this)
  • Show all staff members in the clinical and admin teams a demo eConsult, so they know what it’s like for a patient
  • Sign up to eConsult’s clinician-led webinars; your operations executive (see Contacts) will have details of upcoming webinar topics.

Use the eConsult banner

Putting the eConsult banner in a prominent place on your practice website means it is one of the first things patients see and that makes it easy for them to start the eConsult journey.

To find out more about enhancing your website, visit the eConsult website, or ask your eConsult operations executive