The CPD offer

NCL Wide

To maximise the value of the per person funding (and since few courses cost exactly £333 to attend), a big portion of the annual NCL CPD budget gets allocated to centrally organised training. This can take one of a few forms:

  • when an exclusive course only open to NCL staff is procured and is delivered live (in person or remotely)
    • usually has a pre-defined maximum number of participants (approximately 15-25 people) 
    • tends to be delivered on a single or a number of pre-agreed dates 
    • this type of set up gives the NCL Training Hub team an opportunity to work with individual training providers to ensure the course content considers the NCL-specific context and that the curriculum can be tailored to the NCL needs.
  • when a set number of places on an existing course, open to everyone (not only NCL staff), are bought and delivered live (in person or remotely)
    • when it is not necessary to account for the NCL context or there are only a small number of people who require training, NCL Training Hub can purchase a number of places on existing courses; this may increase the flexibility with regards to when you attend and still streamlines the paperwork that would otherwise be required if each place was purchased (and invoiced) individually.
  • access to a pre-recorded CPD webinar
    • many CPD courses come in a pre-recorded format, which means that the training is not interactive but enables participants to access content at their own time and pace.

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A portion of the CPD budget is also ringfenced to fund individual training requests. Those can be submitted when individual training needs are not covered by the centrally organised training.

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