Record keeping

NCL Wide

CPD certificates and/or confirmations of attendance are issued by training providers and shared with attendees following the completion of a course/training.  

In the case of training delivered in-house (i.e. bespoke training just for NCL employees), certificates of completion will be generated on the booking platform MedAll in a downloadable pdf format. 

Please note: For this certificate to be generated, you will need to complete a post-attendance questionnaire which will be sent to you via email.

Keeping a CPD record

You can use your MedAll account to keep track of all your CPD records; the system allows you to upload external certificates to ensure you’ve got them all on hand for your revalidation.

Alternative solutions for maintaining an up-to-date register include:

  • when logged in on the NCL GP website, go to the My CPD tab to add your individual CPD records (you can also connect this page with your Clarity Appraisals account)
  • using an offline template from the NMC; you will need to download and save it on your computer and update as you go, ensuring you remember to save all your certificates for future reference.