Infant Feeding in Primary Care: Part Two

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Infant Feeding in Primary Care: Part Two

The London Maternity Clinical Network is hosting a series of webinars to support primary care clinicians with the postnatal check for mothers.

This event will be jointly chaired by Sunita Sharma (London Postnatal Clinical Lead, Obstetrician) and Anu Jacob (GP and South West London Local Maternity System Lead).

Event theme: Infant Feeding: Key Principles for Primary Care, Part Two

April's webinar focused on infant feeding and sparked much discussion and interest, and the Network is pleased to announce that May's webinar will continue to explore this topic.

Questions and important topics raised by attendees at the last webinar will be discussed, and there will be an opportunity for further questions and discussion.

Other topics to be covered at the webinar include:

  • common problems and management, e.g., mastitis, breast thrush, colostrum harvesting, expressed milk storage
  • medication and prescribing
  • breastfeeding support services

Registration for the webinar closes at 10am on 27 May 2022.

A Calendar invite and Teams link will be sent to you before the event. 

If you have any issues accessing the event, or any queries, please email