Inter-Professional Learning Symposia (IPL Symposia)

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Inter-Professional Learning Symposia (IPL Symposia)

Within the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Middelesex University it is believed that gaining an understanding of other professionals' roles and skills in a shared learning context can benefit interprofessional team working in practice. 

We seek through our weekly Interprofessional Learning Symposia programme to provide a rich and deeper understanding of what different professionals have to offer within their respective sectors.

This programme of afternoon sessions presents a range of key topics representative of the health, social and educational subjects being taught, with invited experts both from within and outside of the university.

The full programme can be found using the link below.

There are 300 places available for each session. To ensure a place please use the booklink link. 


2 November: Mental health assessment, how to take a history and where to refer on 

10 November: Drug and alcohol 1 - awareness

16 November: Child protection and safeguarding 

24 November: An introduction to the political economy of UK healthcare

30 November: Drug and alcohol 2 - assessment


11 January: Domestic abuse 

25 January: Working inter-professionally - a real-life view

2 February: Working with service users across gender, identities and sexualities 

16 February: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

2 March: Culturally competent and compassionate care 

Tickets not yet released; set a reminder

8 March: The management of infertility in primary care

16 March: Delegation and complex teams - lessons to be learnt about finding your voice

22 March: Culturally competent and compassionate leadership

30 March: The Covid pandemic - spirituality support during major health disasters

13 April: Transcultural robotics nursing 

19 April: Working with children in care

11 May: Black Lives Matter - part 1

18 May: Black Lives Matter - part 2