NCL Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) training (2-part training) – Morning sessions

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NCL Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) training (2-part training) – Morning sessions

This face-to-face training starts outside or in a large space and then uses PPE to enable you to work more closely. We use a controlled shift from the ‘population’ level rules of social distancing to ‘health care PPE rules’ to keep attendees safe. Please see our FAQs for more information on this. This intervention uses evidence-based approaches to help find where your procedures and clinical space would be best adapted in ways that suit your premises and team – and that is sustainable in the long term.

  • Can we trust the PPE that we have?
  • Are we confident we will use PPE correctly?
  • How do you clean a BP cuff?
  • How can we get patient flow and infection control right in our practice?
  • How do we manage cleaning between patients?
  • What are the risks and challenges to infection control that we might face – and how should we respond to them?

Session 1 Infection Prevention and Control: Core training

This covers essential principles of IPC in primary care in times of COVID. 

Tasks to complete in between sessions

We will ask you to consider specific challenges in your practice systematically via some simple tasks which should take no longer than one hour to complete.

Session 2 Infection Prevention and Control: Solutions for your Practice

This session builds on your knowledge and experience to offer solutions to these challenges. We will enable you to update your practice colleagues and implement changes in your team with confidence.

Two courses are available to book. You must sign up for a complete round, i.e. both attendees from your practice should be available to attend both sessions in that round.

1 – Enfield CCG, Holbrook House, 116 Cockfosters Road Barnet EN4 0DR

  • PART 1: CORE TRAINING Wednesday 25 November (10:30am-1pm)
  • PART 2: SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PRACTICE Wednesday 2 December (10:30am-1pm)


2 – Peckwater Centre, 6 Peckwater Street, Kentish Town NW5 2UP

  • PART 1: CORE TRAINING Thursday 26 November AM (10:30am-1pm)
  • PART 2: SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PRACTICE Thursday 3 December AM (10:30am-1pm)



Enfield CCG,, Holbrook House, 116 Cockfosters Road, Barnet, London, EN4 0DR