The United Airway: Improving Asthma Control

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The United Airway: Improving Asthma Control

This event will take place from 12.30-1.30pm on Tuesday 30 November and will be run by James Gardner, children's allergy nurse consultant at ThermoFisher Scientific.

Upper and lower airways are considered a unified morphological and functional unit, and the connection existing between them has been observed for many years, both in health and in disease.

There is strong epidemiologic, pathophysiologic, and clinical evidence supporting an integrated view of rhinitis and asthma: united airway disease in the present review. The term united airway disease is opportune, because rhinitis and asthma are chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper and lower airways, which can be induced by allergic or non-allergic reproducible mechanisms, and present several phenotypes.

Topics will include: 

  • Defining the United Airway Model
  • Improving Rhinitis Management to improve Asthma Control
  • Understanding Diagnostic Pathways
  • Discussing Best Practice Case Studies

The invite for this event can be downloaded below.