Upcoming AIP Webinars

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Upcoming AIP Webinars

4pm, Monday 27 June 2022

Upcoming AIP Webinars

The Accelerate Programme provides hands-on support for practices locally identified as having challenges e.g. based in areas of high deprivation, high numbers of complaints, poor inspection results or Healthwatch concerns.

Practices are nominated by their region and offered the opportunity to sign up for the programme. This offer is not aimed at practices where contractual remedial measures are being taken, it is aimed at those who need, want and have capacity for hands-on support.  

The Accelerate Programme offer is different from previous Time for Care programmes in that it is more intensive and continues over a longer period.

Delivery will be a mix of face-to-face and virtual. The upcoming webinars for practices interested in participating in the AIP programme are listed below. GPs are encouraged to share this information with any practices that would benefit from the programme. 

Dates of the webinars are:

  • Thursday 23 June: 4pm 
  • Monday 27 June: 4pm 
  • Tuesday 28 June: 12pm 
  • Wednesday 29 June: 4pm 
  • Thursday 30 June: 12pm