Venepuncture and Cannulation Training

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Venepuncture and Cannulation Training

This in-house training is designed for nurses to enhance their practice on phlebotomy. It runs over two dates, and you only need to attend once. 

The course content of our Venepuncture and Cannulation training is as follows:

  • Legal aspects of Venepuncture (Phlebotomy) and Cannulation
  • Practitioner requirements
  • Professional competence and accountability
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Vicarious liability
  • Consent
  • Why infections occur
  • Patient and environmental factors
  • Aseptic Non-Touch Technique
  • Maintaining a sterile field
  • Infection prevention and management
  • Practitioner hazards
  • Specimen handling
  • Visual infusion phlebitis scoring
  • Overview of the circulatory and venous systems
  • Arteries and Capilleries
  • The skin
  • Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation
  • Reasons for taking blood
  • Factor affecting site selection
  • Improving venous access
  • Managing anxious patients
  • Selecting correct equipment
  • Needle gauge systems
  • Tourniquets
  • Needle safety
  • Bio connectors
  • Dressings
  • Common complications
  • Extravasation prevention and management Trainer Venepuncture (Phlebotomy) and Cannulation practical demonstration
  • Candidate Venepuncture (Phlebotomy) and Cannulation practical session
  • Candidate Venepuncture (Phlebotomy) and Cannulation assessment

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The Dementia Hub (the Music Room), Hornsey Central Health Centre, 151 Park Road, London, N8 8JD