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Coordinate My Care

Coordinate My Care is a valuable tool for recording and transmitting people’s preferences around the care they want to receive. It can be used for a variety of patient cohorts including those at the end of their lives or high frequency users of urgent care.

The aims of this locally commissioned service are to: 

  • improve outcomes for patients in the last years of life and their carers, including appropriate signposting or referral to bereavement services. 
  • reduce unnecessary admissions and conveyances for high frequency users of urgent care 
  • ensure that dying patients are supported where possible to die in their preferred place of care. Evidence suggests this is usually their home.  
  • reduce the number of avoidable hospital admissions for patients in their last years of life who are nearing the end of life thus reducing secondary care spend. 
  • increase the use of CMC for patients nearing the end of their lives and high intensity users of hospitals.  

Specification Document

Coordinate My Care (CMC) service spec 2021-22

DOCX, 909.82 KB

Last updated: Aug 4th, 2021
Review date: Mar 31st, 2022