Immunisations and Screening

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Immunisations and Screening

This locally commissioned service (LCS) supports general practices in Islington by funding improved take-up of the following immunisations and screening programmes: 

  • flu immunisations
  • pneumococcal immunisations
  • MMR immunisations for five-year-olds
  • DTaP/IPV immunisations for five-year-olds
  • cervical screening.

It is designed to align closely to existing national programmes of immunisation and screening by offering additional incentives to practices in increasing take-up.

This LCS makes no prescriptions about method for increasing uptake, leaving this for practice discretion. The CCG, through groups such as the Immunisations Group will undertake to support best practice in this area.

Specification Document

Immunisations and Screening LCS specification 2021-22

PDF, 665.55 KB


LCS Covid-19 guidance (and Q2 payment update)

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Jan 21st, 2021

Mar 31st, 2022

Last updated: Aug 17th, 2021
Review date: Mar 31st, 2022