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Last Years of Life

The 2020-21 Last Years of Life (LYOL) locally commissioned service (LCS) specification will continue in 2021-22 and has not been updated due to Covid-19. 

The aims of this locally commissioned service are to:

  • Improve outcomes for patients in the last years of life and their carers, including appropriate signposting or referral to bereavement services.
  • Ensure that dying patients are supported where possible to die in their preferred place of care. Evidence suggests this is usually their home.
  • Reduce the number of avoidable hospital admissions for patients in their last years of life who are nearing the end of life thus reducing secondary care spend.
  • Increase the use of CMC for community urgent care plans.
  • Enable GPs to attend a training event focused on last years of life care.

Appropriate care will be delivered by a well-trained practice team, delivering high-quality care to people in the last years of life and at the end of life.

For 2021-22, the LCS requirements are limited to:

  • One-off attendance of last years of life care training.
  • Creating a CMC Urgent Care Plan on the electronic Co-ordinating My Care register, having had and recorded the conversation regarding end of life care wishes.

This should result in a decrease in the number of patients dying in hospital.

Specification Document

Last Years of Life LCS Specification 2020-21

PDF, 265.68 KB


LCS Covid-19 guidance (and Q2 payment update)

PDF, 425.23 KB


Jan 21st, 2021

Jan 21st, 2021

Last updated: Aug 11th, 2021
Review date: Mar 31st, 2022