Latent TB infection: Testing and Treatment

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Latent TB infection: Testing and Treatment

August 2021 update: The Latent TB LCS is no longer offered to practices. This LCS has now ceased. Please contact the Primary Care team for further information.

Latent TB infection (LTBI) new and existing patients screening is looking to provide access to LTBI screening and treatment for all new and existing patients on practice lists across North Central London (NCL) who have been in the UK for five years or less, are aged 16-35 and are from the defined list of high risk countries (defined as those who have a rate of 150/100,000 plus Sudan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka).

Patients who are positively identified as having LTBI under this scheme should be referred to the relevant local TB service.

Positive outcomes for those who have benefited from the service

  • Patients will know if they are carrying latent TB or not.
  • Those who do not choose to be treated will be aware of their risk of developing active TB and should therefore be diagnosed more quickly if their TB becomes active.
  • Those who choose to be treated will significantly reduce their life-time risk of developing active TB.

Other outcomes

  • Awareness of the issues regarding TB will be raised in general practice.
  • Practices will be better equipped to provide screening services to their patients.

Community benefits

  • Communities benefit from receiving information about TB. This plays a part in early diagnosis, reducing the amount of active TB in the community, and improving the prognosis and treatment experience of those diagnosed earlier.

Specification Document

LTBI Testing and Treatment LCS specification 2019-20

PDF, 793.43 KB


Jan 21st, 2021

Jan 21st, 2021

Last updated: Aug 19th, 2021
Review date: Aug 31st, 2022