GP Long Acting Reversible Contraception

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GP Long Acting Reversible Contraception

This Locally Commissioned Service (LCS) supports the fitting and removal of long acting reversible contraception in primary care. The service has the following objectives:

  • ensure that the full range of contraceptive options is provided to patients, by increasing the availability of IUCD/IUS and contraceptive implants in primary care
  • promote Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) as an effective, non-user dependent method of contraception
  • help reduce unintended pregnancies by ensuring availability of post-coital IUCD fitting for emergency contraception without referral
  • increase the availability of IUS in the management of menorrhagia within primary care

Specification Document

Camden GP LCS LARC spec 2020–23

PDF, 451.37 KB

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Last updated: Mar 31st, 2021
Review date: Mar 30th, 2022