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Staff will be aware of the continuing work to prepare the NHS for a possible no deal withdrawal from the EU. 

The Department of Health and Social Care is leading the response to EU exit across the health and care sector. NHS England and NHS Improvement are working closely with the Department of Health and Social Care to best prepare the NHS.

Professor Keith Willett has been appointed as the Strategic Commander for EU exit for the NHS. The NHS England and NHS Improvement operational response was set out in a letter from Professor Willett in February. Each NHS organisation has appointed an EU exit Senior Responsible Officer, who is responsible for ensuring their organisation is prepared for EU exit.

NHS England and NHS Improvement’s role is to ensure the NHS is as prepared as possible for EU exit – including an exit without a deal – so that we can continue to provide world-class healthcare.

To help support primary care staff to reassure and have conversations with patients, listed below is key information on topics such as medicines, vaccines and more.