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Pan-Islington GP Forum events are held in the borough every two months.

Details of when and where can be found on the Practice Management Deadlines calendar

You can download copies of the presentations delivered at each forum, starting with 21 November 2019.

19 November 2020

Presentation slides

1. HealtheAnalytics Update, led by Zoe Keddie, HealtheIntent Programme Manager, NLP

2. SEMH First Annual Review November 2020, Jane-Amanda Stephenson-Glynn

3. Transforming Community Mental Health Services, Jill Britton, AD Joint Commissioning, Liz McGrath, Divisional Director Better Lives C&I

Supplementary notes

17 September 2020

Presentation slides

Supplementary notes

14 July 2020 

workshop format, no presentations

12 May 2020

Presentation slides

16 January 2020

  1. Islington Walk-in Centre
  2. Get Back on Track
  3. QIPP

Supplementary notes

21 November 2019

  1. Interpreting Services in Islington.
    See how the interpreting service complies with GDPR here
  2. Whittington Emergency Department and Urgent Treatment Centre
  3. GP Connect

Supplementary notes