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Important Coding Links

You might be old school and know your regular Read codes off by heart ie 246 BP reading, H33 Asthma.  But you may find it a challenge doing the same in SNOMED as some coding are 16 digits long. For further assistance in recreating your resources, see the coding assistance articles.

Focus on resources such as:

  • Searches
  • Concepts
  • Template and Protocol Triggers
  • Templates including library item templates (using Code Browser and Last coded Entry hierarchy components only)
  • Document Templates
  • Care Record filters

NHS Digital Read to SNOMED CT lookup mapping tables

NHS Digital Read to SNOMED CT lookup mapping tables.

Your Read authored resources will continue to run on a SNOMED CT system, but as more clinical content becomes available and SNOMED CT becomes more widely used, these Read authored resources will become less effective and eventually become out of date.
NHS Digital has recommended that this work is completed within 3 months from activation; where possible we would recommend you target this timeline or sooner.


Bear in mind that the EMIS GP subset of SNOMED codes does not contain the full NHS Digital SNOMED CT vocabulary, and you will encounter some Read to SNOMED codes or EMIS local codes no longer available.  EMIS are working on expanding their subset. NHS Digital release new coding or retired coding in April and October, unless major adjustments need to be done.

Requesting Greyed out SNOMED CT codes

Now that your practice is SNOMED CT enabled, you will see unselectable SNOMED CT codes that are greyed out in the code picker, that was not previously available in Read. You can request a SNOMED CT code to be considered for inclusion in the SNOMED CT EMIS Subset, and consequently it will then become selectable in the code picker to be added to patient records. Find out how to request SNOMED CT codes.

NHS Digital National codes

You can request changes to SNOMED CT in the UK through the NHS Digital Request Submission portal (once you’ve clicked this link, select the SNOMED CT requests for change option and follow the instructions).