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A gentle reminder...

Please remember to contact the GP IT service desk in the first instance for all your IT support needs. 

If you have been contacting individuals directly within the STP or CCG, note that due to the changes in people's roles, they may no longer be the most appropriate person to contact.

GP IT Support Services

t: 020 3688 1414
w: (Self Service Portal)

Site Backups

-A reminder for GP Sites to check their backups daily.. 


  • GP Site backup runs weekdays at 9pm and starts performing checks at 8.45pm every day, so the media has to be entered before this time or the run will fail. 
  • The backup has a limit of 12 hours to run and complete, and an ejection task has been scheduled for weekdays at 9am, Please do not manually eject the tape if has not ejected automatically, as this may interrupt the backup job.
  • Media must be entered daily Monday to Friday, not entering media has a knock on impact on the future backup schedule.  
  • You can monitor the success rate of the backups from a summary.html file located on your shared drive file path, Shared\backup_log\summary.html. The backup report runs at 1pm daily and takes about a minute to complete, so please ensure it is checked regularly after this point.

Please refer to the PDF download (right) for complete steps. 


  • If media has not ejected, please wait until 11.30am, by which time the job will have either finished or timed out. If media hasn’t ejected, press the eject button once.
  • If the media gets stuck in the drive, please hold the eject button down for one minute, this will perform a hard reset and should eject as a result. 
  • If media is damaged do not enter it into the drive. Please remove from circulation and order new media.

Logging calls:

  • When logging failures with the service desk please ensure the backup summary.html report is included.


Project Request Form (PRF)/ ASR Queries

For new and existing PRF/ASR applications, submit all enquiries to the following email: 


NEL CSU GP IT Facilitators

Chris Andreou

t: 07768 823 527

Pauline Trecherel


Richard Anthoney

t: 07900 407 122

Simon Newns

t: 07702 190 062

Sunir Patel

t: 07966 443 063

Service Delivery Escalations

Tomi Somolu, NCL GPIT Support Manager

t: 07920 190 484

Amir Rahman, NCL GPIT Support Manager

t: 07775 540 913

Nezila Nazimuddin, NCL Senior GPIT Facilitator


Asim Khan, NCL Primary Care Service Delivery Manager

t: 07786 515085

Support for NCL issued laptops and Windows Virtual Desktops

NCL CCG has implemented new IT support including access to laptops and software.

See Downloads for the following guides:

  • Primary Care laptop guide
  • Primary Care laptop FAQs
  • Windows Virtual Desktop Environment (WVD) user guide
  • ISOSEC virtual Smartcard guide

Opening hours Monday to Sunday: 9am-5pm

t: 020 3688 1881 > option 1