NCL Wide

If you're a GP who's new to NCL, this is a good place to start. You'll find a brief introduction to the borough and its health priorities and you'll be pointed in the right direction for information on pay, appraisals, tax, revalidation, the regulatory bodies you need to have contact with, and the myriad other non-clinical topics that will concern you as a NCL GP, whether you're on a temporary contract, a locum, or starting a permanent GP post.

The GP Website

Elsewhere on this website, you'll find everything you need to know about NCL services, key clinical topics, how to refer, service eligibility criteria, contact details, relevant Education events and webinars, and the latest news. Its content is written specifically for NCL GPs and is designed to be topical, concise and timely. The website provides you with the easy-access information you need when you're in your consulting room, but much more besides: it's a source of CPD and a place to update and extend your clinical interests.