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NCL Wide

Mental health and mildfulness support to clinicians and practice staff. Reaching out early is the key to recovery and resilience.

  • Professional Support Unit - Free HEE service dedicated to supporting the progression of postgraduate training for NHS healthcare professionals
  • NHS Looking after you too: Confidential coaching and support for the primary care workforce
  • NHS confidential staff support line: Operated by Samaritans and open 7am-11pm every day; for those who have had a tough day, who are feeling worried or overwhelmed, or who have a lot on their mind and need to talk it through t: 080 0069 6222 or text FRONTLINE to 85258
  • Trauma Response Network: Registered charity providing free and anonymous trauma support by qualified EMDR therapists; currently offering free therapy to support people online suffering from acute anxiety or PTSD due to Covid-19
  • Project5: Access to free one-to-one support sessions with either accredited clinical psychologists, mental health experts or coaches for NHS workers
  • Harley Therapy: Free support sessions for NHS workers from qualified therapists
  • Duty to Care: Access for NHS workers to free online sessions to improve and sustain mental health and wellbeing
  • Beat Covid-19: Online platform to help healthcare workers keep a healthy mind and body during the Covid-19 pandemic; includes mindfulness resources, home workouts, yoga, sleep and nutrition tips
  • Verified therapists offering free sessions to NHS staff
  • The Help Hub: Network of therapists that provide a free service to as many people as possible by listening, supporting and helping where they can; may be useful for family and friends who are expressing anxieties and need someone to talk to about them 
  • Resilient Practice: Demonstrates how to measure your current resilience with Resilience Gap Analysis and provides the opportunity to improve self-awareness
  • Body and Soul: Charity providing therapeutic support for people who have experienced complex trauma; offering free telephone sessions for any NHS worker and/or their close family who feel overwhelmed
  • With You in Mind: Members of the Institute of Psychoanalysis are volunteering their time to offer NHS workers free support sessions about professional or personal matters