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These Care Home pages are under development by the web team, please bear with us while we finalise the content.

If you work in an Islington care home, these pages are designed for you.

We have been working with the local MDT and care home staff to try and make them as useful as possible. We hope that this site will centralise useful information from across Islington, highlight upcoming training and will direct you quickly to extra information about those common problems that we encounter and what to do next, hopefully saving you a lot of time searching for information yourself. 

Our vision is that by working together we can link the care home sector more firmly into the wider NHS primary care family and empower the sector, which we believe will lead to improvements in the quality of care for the people of Islington. 

The pages link to national and local guidelines for staff working in the Islington area. 

For carer development please see the Islington Training Hub pages on this website and the Proud to Care website.

We would welcome any feedback or things you think are missing from the site, please contact us

You can access the whole family of pages using the drop-down menu, left.

Many thanks for all the tireless work you do, 

Dr James Hibberd
Islington GP and Workforce and Education Lead for Care Homes (Islington GP Training Hub)


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