Care homes: Hydration, nutrition and swallow



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Poor hydration and poor nutrition can often lead to confusion, falls, and poor health. It is crucial, therefore, that those working in care homes have a good knowledge of how to promote good hydration and nutrition. 

The two teams involved in the promotion of hydration and nutrition are the nutrition and dietetics service and the speech and language team.  

The nutrition and dietetics service focuses on the constituents of a persons diet and the effect of this on health.

The speech and language team’s focus is on a person’s ability to safely swallow and changes that might be needed to allow for safe hydration and nutrition. 

Speech and language team 

How to refer

If a care home has a resident whom they feel would benefit from a speech and language team (SLT) review, they can refer by:

  • completing the SLT referral form
    • if the referral is for a swallow review, also complete and send the swallow screen.

Once these forms are completed, send to central booking for screening and triage.

If a staff member wishes to discuss a possible referral, they can contact the SLT team
t: 020 7527 1545

Speech and language training webinar

This Dysphagia Training Webinar Competency Level 3 has been produced by the Islington speech and language team. It covers the role of the team, dysphagia training to competency level 3 and how to refer to the service. 

The webinar is expected to take between 45-60 minutes to complete. It can be completed in chunks or at a single sitting, alone or in a group to allow discussion. See Downloads for

  • webinar slides (PDF)
  • script of the training webinar that follows the audio files of the presentation

Dietitian team

How to refer

For more information and referral details please see the Adult Community Nutrition and Dietetics Service page.