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Training Hubs are now responsible for approval of new GP training sites and GP trainers in primary care. In the future it is hoped that the approval process will encompass educators from other professional groups too as we move to a more multi-professional way of working. Health Education England (HEE) is working with the various Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and medical schools to progress this.  

It is already possible for PCNs to apply for recognition as a learning environment as well as individual GP practices. Practices and trainers who are already approved do not need to re-apply. There will be a process of annual review for trainers. Current and newly approved sites/trainers will only be reassessed if a significant change occurs. Any such change should be self-reported to HEE GP Quality team via and the NCL training hub (

To apply for recognition as a training site, the primary care post medical and dental educators approval form must be completed and submitted to the NCL training hub at It depends on whether seeking trainer/site, or approval of both, as to which sections need to be completed (see form for details of this and what evidence needs to be provided).

The process still requires review of a video, but it is now preferred that this is done by peers and their feedback submitted. The peer assessment of teaching session form is provided to facilitate this process.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the NCL training hub at or contact your borough training hub programme manager.


Expiry date: Aug 7th, 2021