Connecting GPs in London with an HIV consultant

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Fast-Track Cities London, part of a global initiative to end HIV by 2030, is funding a six month pilot to connect GPs directly with an HIV consultant while your patient is with you during a consultation. The project aims to provide all GPs in London, rapid access to HIV telephone advice and guidance via Consultant Connect 

This is the first time GPs are being connected this way for a specialist service across the whole of London. 

The phone system provides GPs with an app, which gives a direct line to call to a set of specialist HIV consultants who have agreed to be part of the scheme. All HIV telephone advice and guidance calls will be answered by local, London-based consultants, and all calls will be connected to the first available consultant.

Th eaim is to support GPs to feel empowered to manage the care of HIV positive patients in primary care, rather than having to refer them to secondary care.

Find out more on Fast-Track Cities London website

Expiry date: Dec 13th, 2021