Covid-19: Oximetry@Home EMIS codes

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Currently 7.2 per cent of available capacity for Oximetry@Home is being used in NCL.
 GPs are reminded that the pathway for Covid Oximetry@Home and related resources are available on the GP website.

All patients onboarded to Covid Oximetry@ Home should be coded as:

  • “1325191000000108 Telehealth pulse oximetry monitoring started” When starting oximetry@Home
  • “1325201000000105 Telehealth pulse oximetry monitoring ended” when ending oximetry@home 

(Search “Tele” and “Pulse” for both).

Pulse oximeter stock can be ordered through GP federations.


Covid-19 oximetry at home: Resources for practices

NCL Wide Pathway and resources to support GP practices to manage patients on the Covid-19 oximetry at home pathway
Jun 16th, 2021
Expiry date: Dec 31st, 2099