Covid-19 oximetry pathway for homeless population launches

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An NCL-wide pathway to ensure that our homeless population can access Covid-19 oximetry if needed has been launched.

This pathway will ensure that homeless people with Covid-19 symptoms who need monitoring are able to access the service, supported by homeless services and the NCL Find and Treat team.

By following this pathway, homeless services and homeless accommodation providers will be able to support their clients with:

Providing consistent advice and support to people with Covid-19 symptoms

Onboarding patients with Covid-19 symptoms onto the oximetry pathway if needed

Regular monitoring using pulse oximetry, and escalating care in line with national guidance

Registering with a local GP if needed, to enable ongoing care and monitoring

The pathway will also cover patients who are stepped down from emergency or inpatient beds on the Covid-19 oximetry pathway.

Expiry date: Dec 31st, 2099