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Covid-19 Support for Islington Residents in Employment

Islington-based service Get Back on Track helps borough residents in employment who are struggling to stay in work. Get Back on Track is delivered by the Shaw Trust and offers specialist advice to residents facing issues at work including:

  • worries about working during the pandemic
  • job insecurity
  • working while managing childcare responsibilities during lockdown 
  • managing mental health at work, stress at work 
  • bullying, disputes, difficult processes at work 
  • sickness absence; and much more.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to present significant worries for residents in employment, Get Back on Track offers targeted, specialised support to demystify complex work issues and enables residents to remain in employment. In these most difficult of times, Get Back on Track understands that its clients need help from specialists that listen and know what they are talking about.

Get Back On Track is particularly keen to support working parents who are struggling with school-age children during the lockdown, and attempting to juggle work with home schooling in a climate of uncertainty and worry. We also want to connect with residents risking their health to continue working who are concerned that they have been placed at significant risk while at work.

Clients no longer require a Fit note in order to be referred to Get Back on Track.

Put patients in touch with Get Back on Track
t: 0800 389 0177

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