Dysphagia Alert: Prescription of Thickener

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Dysphagia Alert: Prescription of Thickener

It is important to ensure that a speech and language therapist (SLT) has assessed a patient prior to the prescription of thickener in cases of dysphagia. There have been a number of recent incidents in which patients have been prescribed thickener, which was inappropriate to their needs, by health care professionals without dysphagia training.

Process for referrals to SLT: please email the CRT/REACH referral form (available on Islington EMIS) as appropriate to arti@centralbooking.nhs.net

Prescribed thickener: In Islington this should be Resource Thicken Up Clear (important given that starch and gel-based thickeners are prepared very differently)

For further information, contact Dr Sarah Kramer, Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapy, CRT/REACH, Whittington NHS:

e: Sarah.kramer@nhs.net

t: 020 7527 1545

Expiry date: Jun 23rd, 2021