Guidance: Primary care post-Covid-19 syndrome, version 1.1

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This updated guidance aims to support practices to clinically assess, investigate and manage patients presenting with symptoms of post-Covid-19 syndrome.

The guidance details:

  • how to identify and assess post-Covid-19 syndrome symptoms in primary care
  • advice for assessment, investigation and clinical management of symptoms
  • the NCL post-Covid-19 pathway including how and when to refer into specialist services

This guidance, and the pathway it describes have been developed by a multi-agency reference group including post-Covid-19 syndrome primary care, community rehabilitation, hospital respiratory teams, mental health providers and the London-wide LMC, based on experience of managing post-Covid-19 syndrome and the best available clinical evidence.

The guidance will be updated as we continue to learn more.

Updates to version 1.1

To reflect our evolving understanding of post-Covid-19 syndrome, we have updated this guidance based on the best available clinical evidence and learning from local service delivery.

We’d like to highlight the following updates with further information available in the Change Log on page one of the guidance.

Section 4.2

Recommended investigations have been updated with a focus on blood tests and cardiac symptoms.

Section 5.1

Recommended management of ongoing symptoms has been updated with a focus on cardiac symptoms.

Additional resources

This item and other resources can continue to be accessed from the Management of Covid-19 section of the CCG microsite.

Practices may also find it helpful to review the NCL post-Covid-19 syndrome webinar from 26 January.

Post-COVID-19 Syndrome-NCL-Primary-Care-Guidance-1-1

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Expiry date: Dec 31st, 2099