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The final preparations for the new Urgent Care Plan (UCP) for London are currently being made. The new platform replaces the service previously provided by Coordinate My Care (CMC).

The new system will enable a single sign-on for EMIS and SystmOne users via a specially installed desktop client named Valida. 

Valida functions

In addition to single sign-on, the Valida client also enables bi-directional information exchange between EMIS/SystmOne and the UCP, reducing the need for transcription.

Requirements to prepare primary care for the go-live of the UCP

  1. GP practices using EMIS will require a member of staff with EMIS administrator rights to configure the client. This is a one-time configuration completed for each GP practice. This configuration process does not need to be completed by SystmOne practices.
  2. All EMIS and SystmOne users need to register their smartcard with the client. Smartcard registration must be completed by individual users and only takes place once for each user.
  3. The client will be visible on desktops, but will be dormant until the UCP goes live.  

PCNs are requested to support completion of these steps prior to the go-live of the new UCP platform. This will ensure that existing users have single sign-on via EMIS and SystmOne immediately at go-live. It will also enable the programme to support practices prior to go-live, which is anticipated for the end of July 2022.  

Videos and guides that demonstrate access and use of the UCP, including the benefits and key functionalities, will be published on the UCP Website. 

Next steps

  • Primary care IT services have started to install the Valida client on all device desktops. The Valida client icon will appear on user desktops. 
  • The UCP helpdesk will email GP practices that use EMIS, providing the credentials and resources needed to complete the configuration. This will take 10-15 minutes and is completed once per practice. 
  • The UCP team will email GP practices using SystmOne to confirm that the practice has been authenticated.
  • Instructions on how to register smartcards are available on the UCP website. 

GP IT facilitators have been briefed and are available to support GP practices with completing the EMIS configuration and smartcard registration.

NCL CCG is also hosting twice weekly UCP roadshows giving a comprehensive update on the programme, with a demonstration of the new platform. You can register for these on the UCP website.

For any further information, please visit the UCP website. 

Urgent Care Plan (UCP) for London


Urgent Care Plan (UCP) for London: Resources

Expiry date: Saturday, 20 August 2022