Message from Charlotte Benjamin and Clare Stephens, 24 May 2022

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We hope you are having a good week.

Registering with a GP and getting access to the care offered in general practice is often a life-changing experience for many. For this reason, making registration as straightforward as possible is important. There are still some misunderstandings that documents have to be produced to register e.g., requesting to see photographic ID, such as a bus pass, driving licence or passport, and/or proof of address. This is not the case, and we would encourage practices to consider how their registration process is accessible to all. A helpful toolkit is available below.
NHS Digital extract the latest general practice and PCN workforce data from the National Workforce Reporting Service at the end of each month. Practices and PCNs should log into their Strategic Data Collections Service account at least monthly to check and update their workforce details as necessary. This is crucial for planning new workforce supply, providing support to primary care teams and understanding staff capacity. 
Finally, just a reminder that if you are ever unable to attend the weekly GP webinars on a Thursday morning, a summary of the previous week’s webinar is uploaded to the GP website. Last week’s details can be found via the linked news item below. 

Have a good week and for those who are taking the half term holiday off, we wish you a good break.   
Kind regards,

Charlotte and Clare


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