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Virtual Mindful Eating Group Starts in January 2021

What is mindful eating?

Making changes to your diet can often be associated with tremendous emotional distress, guilt, shame, depression and anxiety. The practice of mindfulness helps you to reconnect with your body and yourself in a kind and non-judgmental way. This group, run by dietetics and the IAPT team, teaches you the techniques of mindfulness and congnitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you recognise, understand and manage your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in relation to food and your body

Who is the group for?

  • Patients with an Islington GP and a long-term health condition that can be managed through diet eg cardiac issues, diabetes, chronic pain or weight management.
  • Patients also need to be English speakers, and be able to attend a group. 

How to refer?

Please complete our online referral form and state reason for referral as ‘Mindful Eating Group Islington’.

Mindful Eating Group flyer (Jan 2021)

Download DOCX, 254.49 KB
Expiry date: Dec 1st, 2021