NCL introduces Start Well programme for CYP, maternity and neonatal services

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The partner organisations who make up north central London’s (NCL) integrated care system are working together to start a long-term piece of work looking at children and young people, maternity and neonatal services across NCL. This includes emergency and elective services at North Middlesex, UCLH, the Royal Free, Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm and Whittington Health. 

What is the aim?

NCL wants to check it is delivering the best care to meet the needs of local children, young people, pregnant people and babies. This piece of work will be called the ‘Start Well’ programme.

Why start this now?

There are some drivers for looking at these services now:

  • There have been calls to action set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, Ockenden and in the learning from the temporary changes NCL made during the pandemic
  • The pandemic has highlighted inequality and made it even more important that this is addressed   
  • During the pandemic NCL has worked increasingly as an integrated care system, which means working in partnership with other providers and across organisational boundaries to collectively meet the health and care needs of local people. Its collective vision is for people to ‘Start Well, Live Well, Age Well and Work Well’ and this piece of work will help to meet the ambition of giving babies, children and young people the best possible start in life.

How will this work?

Partners including hospitals, councils, primary care and commissioners will work together in an open and collaborative way to develop this programme. 

This programme reports into an NCL system Children, Young People, Maternity and Neonatal board. The board also governs other existing pieces of work including the Local Maternity and Neonatal System and CYP regional improvement programme.

Jo Sauvage and Oliver Anglin are the primary care representatives on NCL’s Children, Young People, Maternity and Neonatal Programme Board.

What are the timelines for this work?

This work is right at the beginning, and NCL wants to start informing and involving primary care colleagues from the start. The first phase will take about six months and is about understanding how services currently work and how does this compare with best practice and national standards? The programme has flexible timelines so there can be meaningful involvement from staff, patients, families, carers and other stakeholders.

NCL will work with staff to understand the best ways to involve you and ensure you have lots of opportunities to help inform and shape the work. No changes to services will be proposed or made during this period.  

NCL will update you as this work progresses and inform you on how you can get involved and feed in your views. 

Expiry date: Jan 25th, 2022