New HealtheIntent Dashboard to Support with Covid Vaccinations

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Within the HealtheIntent Analytics platform, a report has been launched to support with your prioritisation of the Covid-19 vaccine.

This will provide you with:

  • contact information for all your registered patients aged 80+ 
  • filters to identify patients in this cohort based on: 
    • shielded patient list 
    • whether they are housebound 
    • ethnicity

Further iterations of the dashboard will include information for the other vaccine priority risk groups, including care home residents and patients who are housebound. 

As you will be aware, Royal Free commenced vaccinations yesterday for those who are over 80 and either inpatients or attending outpatient clinic appointments. The vaccination status of patients is not currently available in this report but will be included in a future iteration. Please therefore be aware that a minority of patients that you are contacting could have had their vaccine elsewhere.

The report can be accessed via the HealtheAnalytics platform and you will be required to log in with your usual email credentials. Please select 'Covid-19 Reports – General Practice' as the Project. You will then be taken to the second screen where you will have four reports available, including the '80 years or older non-care home residents’ report.

Other Covid dashboards have also been made available including Shielded Patient List, Transfers of Care and Infection Status.

If you have any queries or have issues accessing the reports, please contact

Expiry date: Dec 9th, 2021