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NHS Digital have announced that that they will be ending support for all GEM series 4 Smartcards on 30 December 2021. This means that after December 30, 2021, if you have a series 4 Smartcard it will not work and will have an impact on accessing clinical information and subsequently patient care. CSU have been working hard for many months to replace older cards and less than 0.5% of supported cards still need to be replaced.

If you have an ‘NHS Care Identity Service banner’, on the front of your Smartcard, no action is required.  If your Smartcard has a NHS logo on the front or if the number on the back of the card begins with 01 to 04 then it needs to be replaced and you must contact us to have a replacement card.  Please also check that any new starters do not have an old card.

Is there anything additional staff can do:
If members of your team have series 4 Smartcards please ask them to contact the NEL RA self-service portal at https://crc.nelcsu.nhs.uk/MSMSelfService or call the RA Service Desk on 0300-3032733.

Some of you would have already been in contact with or contacted by the RA Team and have had your series 4 Smartcard replaced, others are yet to responded to emails and telephone calls from the RA Team.

CSU have also replaced the BT IA client and the HSCIC v1 IA Client, therefore there is no action required.  The RA team are also actively replacing the Gem Series 05 or 06 (JCOP41 cards) which expire in September 2023.  It is therefore important that practices respond to RA audits as it will not only enable the out-of-date cards to be replaced but will allow you to demonstrate you meet the requirements of DSPT.

Expiry date: Dec 31st, 2021