North Central London launches NCL non-MSK ultrasound guidelines

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North Central London is launching the NCL non-MSK ultrasound guidelines on 1 April 2021. 

The guidelines have been developed and modified in line with existing NCL pathways. They are not designed to be restrictive or to remove access to diagnostic tests. Instead, they are there to support and focus primary care clinicians to follow NCL pathways in diagnosing their patients allowing them to get the right outcomes from any requested ultrasound.

The guidelines will in some cases prompt GPs to use alternative pathways such as the Rapid Diagnostic Centres or direct to Cancer pathways. Importantly the guidelines ask GPs to provide more information on the patient’s condition/symptoms and what clinical question the GP wants the scan to answer, as this will assist the radiographers/sonographers to understand clinically what is being asked. 

Please book your place now for the NCL non-MSK ultrasound guidelines webinar event on Wednesday 7 April (see link below).  

Dr Ash Saini (Consultant Radiologist at Royal Free London) and Dr Folusha Oluwajana (Islington Clinical Lead Pathway Redesign and Implementation) will be presenting the key principles behind the guidelines, a “walk-through” of various clinical scenarios and a Q&A session. 

Non-MSK ultrasound guidelines webinar

NCL Wide

Wednesday, 7th April 2021


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