Phlebotomy labs report increase in unplanned sample pick-up requests

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Labs have recently reported an increase in the number of unplanned requests for sample pick-ups. This means that their limited capacity is often being used to rearrange deliveries and staff time to accommodate these last-minute requests and may impact the collections at other practices in your area. Staff are reminded to please stick to their allotted sample collection time unless an urgent courier is required under exceptional circumstances.

Placing orders for pathology tests

Please remember that phlebotomy order communications no longer have to be emailed to phlebotomy clinics so patients can present with a hand held paper copy of the order comms (all providers excluding WH).

The process for requesting bloods is outlined below.

1.    Place a TQuest or Sunquest order

  • The system used will depend on the site where the patient is attending
  • This ensures that the tests needed is communicated to the lab and enables the lab to send any results directly to the GP
  • Without the order comms being sent on TQuest or Sunquest the results may not be returned to the GP practice.

2. The patient will need to book an appointment for the phlebotomy clinic.

  • Patients referred to RFL and NMUH to use SwiftQueue
  • Patient referred to UCLH to use MyCare
  • Whittington to use eRS
  • For local clinics as run by GP federations, or PCNs, please check local arrangements.
Expiry date: Sunday, 03 July 2022