Practices and PCNs can now order NCL issued laptops

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The NCL Digital Team has been working with Dell on a process to enable practices to be able to buy additional NCL issued laptops directly from Dell. 

The practice or PCN will need to submit an order using a credit/debit card. All hardware will be delivered to the NCL CCG Barnet Directorate office for configuration (please note that the delivery address unfortunately cannot be changed as this is where the devices will be configured):

First Floor, Building 4
North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
New Southgate
N11 1NP

Both the practice (the user who has submitted the order) and the NCL Digital team will be notified when the order is being process, dispatched and delivered to the North London Business Park.  

Once the laptop has been configured in the North London Business Park, the NCL Digital Team will notify the practice that the order is ready for collection at a mutually agreed time and date. At this stage, it will be the responsibility of the user/practice to arrange for the collection or delivery of the laptop. The NCL Digital Team can support with organising a courier service, if needed, at cost to the practice (payment via debit/credit card is required before the equipment is dispatched).

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Expiry date: May 18th, 2021