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Royal Free London (RFL) has received reports that some clinic letters and discharge summaries are not reaching primary care.

To address this immediately, RFL will be collating generic email addresses for all GP practices into their letters distribution systems to ensure all patient correspondence is sent to practices via email. This will improve reliability, reduce delays in receiving clinical information and help to provide an audit trail.

This is an interim solution as documents that are emailed will not automatically be added to a patient’s individual record. In the coming months, RFL plans to achieve this using Docman to send patient correspondence.

If you cannot locate letters and if the information is urgent, please review Health Information Exchange (HIE).

If you experience any instances where you have not received an out-patient, in-patient, or ED letter, please contact RFL's GP liaison service with the following minimum data set to allow them to investigate the cause:

  • patient details (name, DOB, MRN, and/or NHS no.)
  • date the patient was seen
  • appointment/letter type

Without the above information, resolving the issue may be delayed.

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GP Liaison Service

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Expiry date: Mar 14th, 2022