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On 25 November the NCL CCG Covid-19 vaccines communications team launched a podcast about getting vaccinated during pregnancy, featuring local GPs Dr Oge Ilozue and Dr Jessica Hanlon: Just a Little Prick? The truth about the Covid-19 vaccine and pregnancy.

You can listen to it on Spotify and on Soundcloud. Please help us publicise it in your newsletters.

We would now like to create more podcasts targeting population groups that are vulnerable to Covid-19 and have low uptake of the vaccine - in particular:
1)    black residents
2)    Romanian-speaking residents
3)    Women aged 18-39.

We are looking for GPs who would like to get involved in making a podcast for any of these groups, particularly any Romanian-speaking GPs who would like to host or take part in a podcast recorded in Romanian. 

Please contact the team on the email address provided if you can help.

Just a little prick? The truth about Covid-19 vaccination and pregnancy

Expiry date: Jan 31st, 2022