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Many of you are keen to get going with Video Group Clinics (VGCs) and we so we have arranged three training workshops on how to deliver VGCs so that you can get started. The booking details can be found below. 

Here is some more information about VGCs and the benefits:

What are video group clinics?

  • VGCs last around 60-90 minutes – the clinician is only present for half the time
  • a ‘technical facilitator’ manages the process and works closely with patients to agree questions
  • often used for planned reviews e.g. diabetes, COPD and asthma with a Results Board which sets out key biometrics and other lifestyle issues
  • VGCs have been shown to deliver a positive patient experience and benefits for practices and PCNs

Key benefits

  • flexible working for clinicians and support staff
  • clinician efficiency gains
  • positive impact on patient outcomes
  • community connection
  • supporting self-care
  • supporting integrated working across services
  • building primary care teams
  • provide a rich learning environment
  • support personal development and skills acceleration

Watch this short animation about VGCs 

If you are already consulting one-to-one by video, this is the next logical step. If you have already been trained in face-to-face group consultation, VGCs will feel very familiar as the process is very similar. It is just that they are delivered in a virtual environment.

By the end of the highly participative two and a half hour training session, learners will have:

  • understood what video group clinic (VGC) are and how they flow
  • understood how to use MS Teams or similar to set up and run video group clinics
  • got answers to key concerns
  • understood best practice in relation to the 6 critical success factors for VGCs and planned to address them
  • understood the role a good facilitator plays
  • understood where facilitation fits into VGC
  • understood their VGC toolkit
  • learnt helpful strategies to manage group dynamics
  • set a date for first, second third VGC (within 7 days)
  • gained confidence about getting started

Register your place on VGC training for your team    

Once you have booked onto the session, an email with the TEAMs link will be sent to you with the worksheet.

NCL VCG training flyer

Download PDF, 690.3 KB
Expiry date: Mar 19th, 2021