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From Monday 12 April the following tools are being imported into EMIS to help you assess and manage patients with post-Covid-19 syndrome:

  • NCL Primary care patient post-Covid-19 pre-assessment questionnaire
  • NCL Post-Covid-19 syndrome template
  • NCL Post-Covid-19 integrated service referral form (this auto-populates from the template)

To support the use of these templates, please refer to the NCL Primary care post-Covid-19 syndrome assessment guidance. This has recently been updated to reflect our growing knowledge of post-Covid-19 syndrome.

For more information on the template and referral document templates, please contact your local GP IT support or GP Federation as appropriate.

Camden practices

‘Template Manager’ practices will need to download materials from the ‘Overview of IT Tools’ page of the NCL GP Website (see ‘Tools for Other Services’ section).

Enfield practices

The Enfield GP Federation will send out the clinical template to upload onto their EMIS system and supporting practices.

Barnet, Haringey and Islington practices

The CSU team will roll out materials into practice EMIS systems.

Assessing a patient for post-Covid-19 syndrome

Organising the recommended investigations

Once a primary care clinician has diagnosed a patient with post-Covid-19 syndrome (having excluded any other possible causes), the clinician should organise for the patient to undergo the recommended investigations as documented in the NCL Primary care post-Covid-19 syndrome assessment guidance.

Completing the pre-assessment questionnaire

At the same time the patient should be provided with a copy of the NCL Primary care post-Covid-19 syndrome pre-assessment questionnaire to complete.

This can be sent electronically, either by email or text message. However the patient should be advised that the document will need to be completed on a computer and does not work on a smartphone. The document should then be returned electronically and saved in the patient’s record.

If the patient cannot complete the document electronically it can completed on paper and scanned into the patient record. An administrator should update the NCL post-Covid-19 syndrome template with information from the completed questionnaire.

Investigations and referral onwards

Once the results have been collated, the patient should be brought in to undergo any symptom specific physical assessments and the template completed. These assessments can be undertaken by any clinician if appropriately trained.

Once all the information has been collated, a care planning conversation should take place between the patient and clinician including the discussion of onward referral.

Further investigation

If further specialist investigation or care is required, or if the referring clinician would like additional clinical input through the local PCS MDT meeting, a referral should be made using the NCL post-Covid-19 integrated service referral form which will be auto-populated using the information entered in the EMIS template.

This should then be sent, along with the completed patient questionnaire, to the borough specific Single Point of Access (SPA). The borough SPA will triage the referral to the most appropriate service (which may differ from that initially selected by the referrer).

These services could include:

  • NCL specialist post-Covid-19 syndrome integrated clinic at UCLH (e.g. if red flags as per primary care guidance)
  • Borough based post-Covid-19 syndrome integrated MDT (e.g. unanswered questions about further investigations, need for mental health support or physical health support as a priority)
  • Borough based post-Covid-19 syndrome therapy service (e.g. no further investigations required and/or medically safe to start rehabilitation recovery)
  • Borough based post-Covid-19 syndrome integrated MDT

If it is agreed that the patient would benefit from a discussion at the borough based post-Covid-19 syndrome integrated MDT, the referring GP and GP practice will be notified by the borough MDT coordinator of the date and time that the patient will be discussed.

Referring clinicians (or a deputy) are encouraged to attend the MDT to present their patient case, however if this is not feasible the outcome of the discussion will be communicated back to the GP. Any onwards referral will be communicated directly to the patient via the SPA.






  • Date: Tuesdays fortnightly, next session 27 April
  • Time: 14:30 - 15:30
  • Referral process:

Management of Covid-19

Expiry date: Dec 31st, 2099