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Update: Referring to the Gynaecology Collaborative  

A single point of access for all gynaecology referrals in Haringey & Islington was launched on 21 September 2020. You can refer into the Gynaecology Collaborative whether your intended target is a Primary or Secondary care provider using eRS and the Gynaecology Collaborative EMIS form. The team will clinically triage the referral and arrange treatment as necessary.

There is some relevant feedback and learning from the early weeks of the service: please check that the patient’s telephone number, email addresses etc provided with your referral are up to date; and tell your patient to expect an SMS message where appropriate (as indicated on the referral form). The team has found that some patients who were not expecting an SMS have ignored text messages assuming them to be junk/spam.

To give further early feedback, contact Juliet Rodney, Operations Manager 
e: juliet.rodney2@nhs.net

Read more about the service, and a set of FAQs

Expiry date: Oct 13th, 2021