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With the nation in a third lockdown we will remain open for referrals offering virtual exercise and weight management sessions online. Please can you refer ensuring a recent blood pressure is submitted as part of the referral form. There are currently just over 20 sessions per week and we will upscale once the current sessions reach 60% capacity, so please do refer and remind referrals that the service is fully online. 

We understand that an online service is new to many and that there may be some barriers or hesitation to take part, please note we will also offer referrals additional one-to-one meetings (via the phone) with one of our trained instructors to discuss any matters from devising a home exercise plan (should they not have Wi-Fi) to how they can exercise at home with limited space….. plus any other queries patients may have.

Please remind patients of the following:

  • all sessions are accessed online/virtually (15 per class)
  • book in advance on a first come first served basis
  • more sessions will be added in as the current ones reach 60% capacity  
  • more evening sessions will be added in from mid-January
  • the online offer is now our standard offer and open to all (please see the eligility criteria documents below)
  • we will offer one-to-one phone calls with referrals who require additional advice and guidance – this is most relevant for residents without a digital device or access to Wi-Fi, allowing them to discuss and write an exercise/health plan over the phone

Please read our latest ‘Ways to move more in Camden’ leaflet and circulate to patients and colleagues (see below).

Our aim is to reduce sedentary behaviour and engage as many individuals into physical activity and to remain healthy during a time when we have limited options.

Some anecdotal feedback included patients telling us: "We want to wait for a face-to-face service". Please inform patients that our online service is our standard offer and to access our online service would be a health benefit avoiding sedentary behaviour. Once our face-to-face provision begins, we will offer this again (based on a re-referral). 

We look forward to receiving your referrals.   

Joint Camden and Islington eligibility criteria for the Exercise on Referral service

Download PDF, 214.29 KB

Joint Camden and Islington eligibility criteria for the Adult Weight Management service

Download PDF, 241.44 KB

Ways to move more in Camden flyer

Download PDF, 1.33 MB
Expiry date: May 31st, 2021