Individual Funding Requests (IFR)


From Monday 20 January 2020, the NEL IFR team will require clinical applicants to submit all IFR applications online via the Blueteq system. The main objective is to simplify and streamline the application process and ensure that applicants provide only the relevant information required for proposed interventions to help the IFR panel arrive at a funding decision.

The online application will significantly reduce processing time of applications and give the opportunity for applicants to track in real time the progress of their applications online. To complete an application, the clinical applicant simply needs to log into the site, check boxes, provide relevant information where prompted and upload any supporting documentation.

Applicants are expected to commence use of online applications as soon as possible, as other forms and methods of submission will no longer be accepted from 24 February 2020.

Please ensure that you have your patient’s consent for patient identifiable data (i.e. name, DOB etc) to be shared on a need to know basis with appropriate professionals who may be involved in the patient’s care. This will be required in cases where further investigation to gain a fuller picture is needed. All data is stored in line with the PCT Data Protection Regulations.